A New Path for Old Adventures

My Story My Song

It's really good to be here. The journey has been rocky, painful and frustrating over the years; and also glorious.  I'm still singing my song to Gaia.

I have been in love with the planet since I was a little girl. There were many ways I sang my song to her; after a rain I would gather the worms off the pavement and place them safely back in the grass before the sun could dry them; I spent hours in the creeks catching (and releasing) crayfish and salamanders; I raised a baby robin and recognized its unique song when he returned the next spring; when the winter snows weighed heavy on the hemlock trees I excitedly, with broom in hand, ran out to sweep the boughs clean. Their tops springing upright, proud and tall, glistening with bits of sparkling snow, singing a song of freedom. I loved that deep connection with all life. A love felt in every cell of my body.

It has been a very personal song.  And I believe it's time to step out to sing this song with a chorus of people who are singing their song to Gaia. Together, harmonizing and building a dynamic new story, one that loves this planet alive. Continue reading