I imagine you have heard the expression “bats in the belfry” implying someone is a little bit crazy. Well, I've decided to nurture butterflies in my belfry. These days my head is filled with thoughts of transformation as we move into a new era. As we write our new stories.

Stories of Love and Joy

My new story is about spreading love, joy and happiness. It is about giving our kids tools to become strong in their sense of self. To see them transform from meek and mild babes into powerhouses of innovation and inspiration. To be creative and spontaneous. Not held down by the thoughts and rules of others who have let the world come crashing in on them taking away their curiosity and wonder.

Bats in the Belfry

Today it is the people in governments, in the hierarchies of our schools, in the entrenched multi-national corporations still so fixed on their bottom line of money-before-all-else that they cannot see the forest for the trees, who chart our course. These leaders have lost the qualities we love and admire in our children. In the dreams we have for our world. Yet we give them the power to set the rules for how we live our lives. I say, these are the people with bats in their belfry! Who, even though out of touch, are the molders and shapers of our world. And what a world we have before us! Mass extinctions. A plethora of new diseases. Human rights disparity based on illusion. A world so out-of-sync with the world we say we want, yet make little effort to change. Perhaps we all are subject to bats filling our heads with guano.

A World We Want

What if we made a different choice? What if we listened to the children speaking up with their inspiring creativity and self expression that comes from a place of being connected to the ethereal? This world dearly needs their connection. That place of still having a foot in the world of spirit.

Children have always spoken universal truths and we acknowledge them with comments like “Out of the mouths of babes!”. And though we feel the profundity of their words we respond with a shrug of “isn't that cute?!”.

How do we reconcile this in ourselves? Why is it so easy to see the beauty and then dismiss it as unrealistic? My desire is to create opportunities for our children to step into their personal power, for their personal health. Because when we start from the inside what we're able to give the world is so magnificent.

I encourage us to envision these children with butterflies in their belfry. Their heads filled with thoughts of beauty and wonder, and the understanding that they aren't silly or naive to think the world could live on love. Children growing to adults believing that sharing and cooperation are not merely for the meek and mild. They are also for those who go out in the world and make a name for themselves as people of prestige and power.

Exponential Change

Change is upon us. Of course, it is always upon us, it is the one constant. Yet the change coming now is rising in an exponential curve. We are at the place where change, gradual to a point, has suddenly reached a moment of sweeping, upward movement. From 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 to 256 to 512 to 1,024 to 2,048 to 6,144 to 12,288...

I believe we're entering an era of grasping those great inspirational thoughts and pulling them back into our world. Grounding them in our reality. In the way we treat each other. The way we treat the world and other beings. In the way we respect the waters, the rivers, the oceans. In how we respect the mountains down to the smallest entities among us.

These thoughts can be the stuff of our new stories. All we have to do is choose.