Are you an activist wondering why change isn't happening no matter how hard you work?
Are you feeling out of balance or experiencing burn out?
Are you ready for more joy and happiness in your life?

If so, you are in a good place. Here you will find deep support and empowerment to uncover your truth and joy and reconcile it with the world outside. Getting grounded and connected gives us ceaseless strength for the path ahead.

A New Story is emerging. One of Joy and Connection. One we are writing together to bring healing planetary change. This New Activism ties the inner and outer worlds together. We revel in our own uniqueness as an integral part of the oneness!

I love supporting activists and caregivers to reconnect with their passion from a centered and grateful place revitalizing them to be empowered change makers. There are no big or small ways to serve. Each act of love and grace ripples into the sea of change.

If you are asking questions and seeking clarity I would love to talk with you and see if you will benefit from a collaborative experience between us. In a 20-30 minute call we can seek clarity for some of those questions. Then if you want to continue the discussion we can.

Give Kate a call: 931-589-6513 or drop a line to

Services include: One-to-one Mentoring, Group Sessions, Workshops, Presentations