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got kids? Or perhaps you are a hard-working, dedicated caregiver to loved ones or the planet. Join one of our mailing lists to stay informed of the journeys of self-discovery, nature connection and finding great joy to inspire us and re-enliven our passions to serve. Join Us Here! I have been in love with the planet since I was a little girl. I sang my song to her by dancing after morning rains and staring into the stars at night. It's been a very personal song. Now it is time to sing this song with a chorus of other people - you - who are singing your song to Gaia, our living, loving planet. You are someone who cares about the state of our world. You are an activist who is ready to find hopeful, co-creative ways to make a difference. You may be a mother, or father, who wants your children to know and honor the natural world. And you want to support their wonder. Or you may be a young person looking for a deeper connection with yourself and the world. You may have loved the planet, Gaia, all your life, or just in this moment you're recognizing you'd like to find your song. Here at Song to Gaia you'll find a variety of joyful and effective ways to show your support and love for the planet; for life. Join the chorus. Discover fun and creative ways to sing your love song to Gaia in the pages below.

With nature as our teacher we journey toward reconnection with our self and the world, to learn who we truly are, and the marvelous gifts this understanding brings. An interactive, co-creative journey for parents/guardians and youth together.
Women coming together to reclaim our unstoppable awesomeness expressed by our sister lionesses: love through strength.
BE the change you want to see in the world! Revitalize your mission and return to balance, health and vitality so you can make change happen!

Working with Kate has been a powerful catalyst taking me to another level. She was able to adapt to and interpret what I needed, and provide it!

A. B.

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