kate 2015 Owner of Song to Gaia, Kate Culver, is a mother, grandmother and life-long champion for children and the planet. Her youth was spent in the woods and creeks where her deep love of nature blossomed and grew.  She knows first hand the benefits of nature connection - both the nature of the wild world and knowing how to be true to our own personal nature.  It is in this connection - with the inside and the outside - that we come to see our true gifts and talents and gain the tools to address our challenges and make the most of this journey we call life.

She now lives with her husband, 2 Haflinger horses, a flock of chickens, 3 cats and their dog, Tollie, on 65 rural acres on the bluff of the Buffalo River in Middle Tennessee. An avid gardener, natural builder, Permaculture designer and mentor her passion is inspiring joy and happiness in those who work to protect and nurture this planet she loves, and to provide inspiration and self discovery for the youth of today to be self-empowered, compassionate champions of their own life and stewards of the their world.